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[Discedo: End of Monster Event] [Video]
This sucks
[Eric looks sick and wan, wrapped in a blanket.]

I'll... need to go somewhere... find a place... I can't stay where I am...

Where can I go... away from people?

[His voice is tense and halting. He looks around skittishly, then the feed cuts off.

He's still at the same apartment he was in, but not for long.]

Discedo Event [Video]
Fallen Shinigami
[Eric appears on the screen, cupping his chin in his hand and leaning on his elbow. He looks down towards his lap. There's a long pause, while he seems to be deep in thought. He smiles a long slow smile, and raises his eyes to the camera.]

My My... there are a lot of souls here. Pure souls, lost souls.... corrupted souls... [A dark smirk.] There's too many of the latter. Much to many.

We may do something about that. Yes... pure souls are much too few.

Don't you think?

[He sighs a little, rubbing his shoulder as if it's sore.]

There needs to be a lot more pure souls.

Discedo Event [Video]
kick ass
Can anyone give me one good reason I should believe this note or swallow this thing?

Action to Video: Item Find Event
[Eric doesn't know how long it's been there. It was there, inconcpicuous, on the t small table near his bed. He doesn't know how long it's been there. But, he sees the glint of silver. He picks it up and recognizes it. He makes a small noise in the back of his throat, tears pricking his eyes.]

[The feed flicks on. Eric looks like he may... or may not... have been crying.]

Who left this in my room? [He holds up a silver skull tie-slide, typically worn by this young man. here and here ]

Is this some kind of joke? Did someone take this from someone?

Where did this come from?

I want answers.

[Voice to Greece gocoldturkey] [Sai accompanying playwitchu]
I'm currently in Spero. Is there a place we could meet?

... Heather, be still.

[Video] [Discedo]
[Eric appears on the screen, looking reflective for a moment, as if deep in thought. Then, he speaks, his words careful and considered.]

I'd thought an effort to make myself comfortable implied an intent to stay. And, I haven't given up finding a way to get myself sent home, believe me.

But, well... it's uh... not just me now.

So... I kind of need to find a place to stay. Can someone help me? What's good?

[Discedo] Halloween Meme [Voice Only!! VERY not Video]
run away!
Okay so... I woke up this morning.

First of all, that doll has been freaking me out for days. I hate that thing but... uh... has anyone else noticed anything... about their... uh... clothes today? You know.. relating to the doll?

DON'T COME OVER OR ANYTHING just... talk via voice?

[Eric turns off the communicator and looks down at himself and what he's wearing. In all it's short, frilly, lacy little black and white maid dress, with a kitty tail and lacy head band with kitty ears.

He moans, hiding his face in his hands.]


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